Austrian Airbus A340-300 ("Wiener Philharmoniker" livery)

Since we basically can smell an A330/340 Update and I hope the best that the whole family gets added, I hope to see this beauty in the livery list :

  • Looks good
  • Dont like it much

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Remember, polls don’t help the devs when sorting the most popular requests - likes do that.


Would be good

No, no, no, too much orange

The normal Austrian livery is nicer in my opinion!


It looks AMAZING!!!

Wow, so many No´s. Then we better shouldnt have this lol

just look at that name.

We got plenty of these already flying around.

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I don’t think i see any orange on that aircraft at all…

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It’s amazing the amount of time that you know goes into painting those

I gave this a like the minute I saw the word wiener.

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Appropriate Wienerhorn on the tail.