Austrian A320-200 “Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen” Retro Livery

Austrian “Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen” Livery A322:

Livery Information

Austrian Airlines welcomed this livery into its fleet on the 24th of February 2019 in Vienna after a 21 minute flight from Bratislava after it was given a new coat of paint. The aircrafts first commercial flight was to Zurich the following day. The complete exterior paint weighs around 120kg and consists of three layers. The design comes from the 1980s, when Austrian Airlines focused on their Tokyo and New York routes. The 1980s also symbolised a time when the Airline welcomed itself back into the intercontinental flight business after a long pause. Austrian Airlines flies to 6 domestic and more than 120 international year-round and seasonal destinations in 55 countries as of April 2019 ( I suspect that the list may now be shorter due to the COVID19 outbreaks strain on the Aviation industry).

Why do I want this in IF?

Personally i’m always a fan of retro liveries because it allows us to live in the past and yet maintain realism as these special liveries are still operational in the real world. Each decade is usually synonymous with a certain style and in this case you can see this liveries 80s influences. We currently have two Austrian
Liveries with a possible third coming with 20.1 and it’s my opinion that another won’t do much harm. I want to fly into interesting airports such as Innsbruck with an equally interesting livery. Thank you for reading this Feature request :).

Nice request! I love a retro livery :)

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This looks cool! I’ll give it a vote. :)

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Nice, clean, and sleek.

I can’t spare a vote, but you’ve got my support!

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