Austrian 777 not fixed after reinstalling app

After reinstalling the app two times, I discovered that the Austrian 777 is not fixed (still on the British Airways livery). What else I can do to solve this problem? Please feel free to answer me for any possible solutions for this issue.

We’re aware of this issue. Thank you.



try spawning in with it, even tho it says Britsh Airways
if you spawn in with it, It will say Austrain

Adding onto what Matt said refer to this said below. This should help. ;)

I’ve already tried to delete and reinstall the app two times and it still didn’t work.

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Hmm. In this case, I’d just leave it. The issue will be resolved eventually and is known by staff. Thanks!

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Could anyone tell me about this issue. I have already tried to delete and reinstall this app for many times but it still didn’t work at all.

It’s a simple issue in which the BA livery is accidentally on the Austrian Airlines slide. When you spawn in, you will still see the Austrian Airlines livery on the 772.

The staff are aware of the problem and are coming up with a solution at the moment, for this you will have to be patient. Reinstalling the app a whole bunch of times right now will do nothing.

The good thing is the beautiful Austrian Airlines livery is still there when you spawn in, it just doesn’t show up in the menu.

I hope this answered your question!