Austrian 777 bug

For the 3rd time since I got the update, the app has crashed when I’ve tried to use the Austrian 777 but the other ones are fine, is there something wrong with it?

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Ok I didn’t see that earlier, thanks


No, the issue he’s talking about Is different than the one you’ve linked him to.


I think he’s saying that whenever he chooses the Austrian B777-200ER, the game would crash, but it wouldn’t crash if he chooses any other livery.

Whereas the topic you’ve linked him to Is about not getting the correct livery that the user has chosen.

@MadridistaPilot Am I Correct?

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I don’t think that’s an issue. I just finished a long haul from LOWW-KORD with the Austrian livery, clocking in at 10.5 hours, and everything was fine. Try restarting the device, clearing cache, and lowering frame rate, anti-aliasing off, etc.


Yes that’s basically what’s happening

Developers are aware of this issue, that should be fixed soon!

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Ok thank you, minds expected bugs no matter what they could’ve done

I meant to say kinda