Australia's Biggest Airshow @YSSY - 232000ZDEC18


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Hi there! This is another event I have put together. For this event, I want to try and make Australia’s biggest air show which will be held at YSSY. I want to get as much people as I can to put together an awesome airshow.

Server: Casual Server

Airport: YSSY

Time: December 22, 2018 8:00 PMDecember 22, 2018 10:00 PM

Aircraft: Any aircraft you want


  • No trolling
  • Only sign up if you are sure that you can come
  • Spawn into any gate and wait until your turn if not a spectator
  • Make sure to look at the PM that I will make
  • Do not taxi to the runway until 5 minutes before your turn
  • Never fly at the same time as another display
  • Line up and wait on the runway as soon as the performer has landed and once they have exited the runway, you may takeoff
  • During your performance, try to keep a low altitude and stay over the runway/spectators so that everyone can see you
  • If you are a spectator, make sure to stay at your gate so that you don’t get in the way of performers.
  • Display teams/VA’s are allowed

2000Z to 2005Z= @Pilotcorn09 F-18 display
2006Z to 2011Z= @TheTyGuy426 F-16 Display
2012Z to 2023Z= @QantasAviator CRJ-200 Display
2024Z to 2029Z= @Samuel_Gallacher B737BBJ Display
2030Z to 2035Z= @N339RGsuper_bruce A318 Display
2036Z to 2041Z= @Alex_Everything A318 display
2042Z to 2047Z= @Captain_Awerty F-14 Display
2048Z to 2053Z= @Delta_Airlines_One 747-8F
2054Z to 2100Z= @ET_Mavic A318 Display
2100Z to 2105Z= @Kaiserthebloo A320 Display
2106Z to 2111Z=
2112Z to 2117Z=
2118Z to 2123Z= @PanAmFan B747-200 Display
2124Z to 2129Z= @Delta_Airlines_One 7478i
2130Z to 2135Z= @Bne.aviation A320 display
2136Z to 2141Z= @Marvilzarcos B789 Display
2142Z to 2147Z=
2148Z to 2153Z= @Hinata A320 Fly by
2154Z to 2159Z= @Adelaide_Aviation 738 Display
2200Z to 2301Z= @Toxic_Inferno7 IFGAF Demo Teams divison (Viper deom team, Raptor demo team, Heritage Flight team)

Spectator gates

Gate 2-01
Gate 2-02
Gate 2-03
Gate 2-04
Gate 2-05
Gate 2-06
Gate 2-07
Gate 2-08
Gate 2-09
Gate 2-10 @CPTMarzipan
Gate 2-11
Gate 2-12
Gate 2-13
Gate 2-14
Gate 2-16
Gate 2-17
Gate 2-83 @AviationCYY
Gate 2-84
Gate 2-85 @FirstClassLuxury

Pilots gates

Cargo 1-01: 1st Raptor Pilot
Cargo 1-02: 2nd Raptor Pilot
Cargo 1-03: 1 Viper pilot
Cargo 1-04: 1 Heritage flight pilot
Gate 1- 08 @Pilotcorn09
Gate 1-09 @Bne.aviation
Gate 1-10 @QantasAviator
Gate 1-24 @Samuel_Gallacher
Gate 1-25 @Adelaide_Aviation
Gate 1-31 @Alex_Everything
Gate 1-33 @Captain_Awerty
Gate 1-35 @Kaiserthebloo
Gate 1-37 @N339RGsuper_bruce
Gate 1-30 @ET_Mavic
Gate 1-32 @TheTyGuy426
Gate 1-34 @PanAmFan
BOEV: Gate 1-36 @Delta_Airlines_One
BOEV: Gate 1-37 @Delta_Airlines_One
Gate 1-57 @Marvilzarcos

Thanks for looking at this thread, Hope to get lots of people attending this airshow. If you want to extend your time in the air, It is possible but You can only fly for max time of 8 minutes. Enjoy!


Sign me up with a Kendell CRJ-200!


Sure thing, What time slot do you want?



Is it ok to take the 2006Z to 2011Z slot with my F16 Viper Demo?


Sure, I’ll put you down.



. .


Everyone, There has been a date change due to the Northern Hemisphere people still being in school/still working during the week. The day has changed to the weekend because…well, people are free. @morgan99 @QantasAviator Are you still able to atttend the airshow?


4:00 AM Melbourne time jeez! (I’m from Melbourne) as a sugesstion could you plz move the time to 4:30-4:40?
I will try VERY hard to attend.


Im from Australia as well, From Queensland, The time here will be 6:00am, down where you are, it will be 7:00am.


On behalf of the IFAE Global Air Forces Demo Teams division, I would like to request the performance of our Viper demo, raptor demo and heritage flight team. Timing will take 45 minutes to an hour. We will need 4 stands for parking. We would love to be the Finale


Also are you guys going to have a discord for comms?


I’ll take a spectator gate, closest one to the runway please.


@FirstClassLuxury Sure, I’ll put the gates in for spectators/groups.

@Toxic_Inferno7 I will have discord open and you want your team/s to be the last to participate.


Yes and can we get a invite to the discord. And please have a music bot. We have announcments and music to go along with our performances


Thanks so much!


What do you mean “airshow”? Just flying above the airport or making acrobatic show??


yes in a 737-700BBj


What time slot do you want?


@Toxic_Inferno7 are you saying that you want 4 gates? How many people per team?

@rubinedan Yes, people get in aircraft and do maunvers over the airport or people do demos of the aircraft.

@Samuel_Gallacher I will put you down after QantasAviators display.

@QantasAviator I have put you down for this time. Is that okay?


That’s great, better for me as well!