Australian Open Fly-In

Welcome to the Australian Open Fly-In Event for 2024! The Australian Open is the first of four Grand Slam tennis events and is held annually in Melbourne, Australia. Tennis fans, players, coaches and tournament staff from all over the world descend upon Melbourne, Australia each year to make this event a success. This year, you’ve been tasked with flying them all into Melbourne International Airport (YMML) in preparation for the tournament!

Airport: Melbourne Tullamarine International Airport (YMML)

Date: 2024-01-13T06:00:00Z2024-01-14T06:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server


  • Please be respectful of all pilots and controllers throughout the event and ensure to follow the Expert Server rules and level of professionalism expected.
  • It is recommended for all pilots to file an appropriate STAR for their arrival into Melbourne depending upon the current active runways. Please ensure to follow vectors from ATC if issued from Melbourne approach controllers.
  • Please ensure to follow all IFATC instructions at all times from the controllers and fly in a professional manner. This ensures that everyone can have fun and enjoy the event.


Hello everyone! I’m pleased to announce that this event is now officially featured as a community event. This means that the event will be advertised on Infinite Flight’s social media and discord platforms.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to let us know if you can make this event by reacting either “going”, “interested” or “not going” in the original post so we can try and get some accurate numbers.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there and helping to get the tennis players, coaches, tennis fans and tournament staff from all over the world to Melbourne on time for the Australia Open… the first tennis Grand Slam of the year!


Great event @Declan!

I will for sure be attending this! :)


Looking forward to seeing you there!


May I just ask, what is the Departure airport if we are flying into Melbourne?

Can it be any?


It’s any airport. The event is a 24 hour event where users are recommended to operate a flight into Melbourne in order to assist in getting players, coaches, fans etc. to Melbourne in time for the Australian Open!


Ah okay! Thank you so much :)

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Does flying in cargo works as well? :))

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2AM for me, still sounds like a fun event, good luck!

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It’s 24 hours long, you can fly-in whenever you like that day

It sure does. Afterall, there is a lot of freight needing transported as well for the Australian Open! 😉

The event is a 24 hour fly-in event. Therefore you’re more than welcome to fly in at any point.

Ufff thanks for clearing that out! Changed status to interested now, see you then

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Sweet, ill be there then with some of my guys

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Looking forward to it! Will be flying in out of PHNL if anyone would like to join.

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I’ll fly in from Los Angeles


See you there!

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Finally an event from my home airport, thanks declan!

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Excited for this event! I’ll be flying in from Auckland aboard the 777, which I assume will be a pretty popular route 😅

So are there no gate reservations?

Wait nvm I’m stupid