Australian / New Zealand Players

Looking to connect with Australian & NZ Infinite Flight Players.

My self and a few others are actively meeting up for group flights etc, just looking for more local players to join our group.
We are located all around AUS & NZ , and the idea behind meeting up with locals helps with time zone differences and group flight scheduling etc.
Doesn’t matter which sever you prefer, whether you like military / civil and or if you like short hops or long haul we actively cover all.

Hope to fly with you soon!

If your on facebook its easy to find us… just reply for details or look up (IFINITE FLIGHT SPOTTERS AU)

Please delete if not allowed

Here is a couple pictures from some recent group flights.


That’s awesome mate! I love the last picture!


formation flying always good fun … thanks

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Hi mate,
I love your ideas. There are plenty of Aussies and Kiwis I know, including myself, that would love to connect with you guys. We have an “Aussie Kiwi Chat” (AKC) going on the forum, It’s full right now but we can always remove someone who is inactive and invite you in. Looking forward to seeing how this goes :)



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Great pictures there! There are several Australia and NZ based Virtual Airlines that you might want to consider joining as well.

Virgin Australia Virtual
New Zealand Virtual Air Kiwi (Air New Zealand) Virtual | JOIN TODAY
Infinite flights oldest VA, Qantas Virtual Group Embrace our Spirit | Qantas Virtual Group

See you in the Virtual skies!


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Kia Ora @Air_Boss

Flick myself a PM if you wish to arrange a group flight/ meetup

Kind Regards,
Luke - Air Kiwi CEO

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Hey there,
I’m from Australia and would love to join you guys!

ill literally fly when ever just give me a pm

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