Australian IF liveries

I used the search option, with the title “Australian liveries”, but I could only come up with requests for more liveries.
Are there more Australian liveries without taking into account the Qantas and Qantas Link ones?

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Corrected the title, feel free to shorten it out though.

Are those in the app?

Here are only some of the Australian Airlines:

Here is a list of some Australian airlines (not all):

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I mean if there are more IF australian liveries other than Qantas and Qantas Link.

There is the Tigerair A319 and Jetstar A320. For other airlines like Virgin Australia and Qantas you can just use the generic 737 livery and imagine it.


Thanks, that´s what I was looking for.

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It isn´t a features request, so I guess general is OK.

I believe JetStar is another. A320, and I think it’s on the 737-800 too

Correct, Jetstar is another Australian airline. In addition to the A320 (They don’t have the 737 according to their fleet page on their site), Jetstar also operates numerous 787’s, A321’s, and Dash 8’s.


Do those two planes have Australian liveries in IF?

The tigerair a319 is from Singapore, registration begins with 9V, not VQ.

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Don’t forget Airnorth. They operate regional flights around the Northern Territory. ERJ170


This is Australian airlines on IF

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Since Qantas owns Jetstar, Jetstar A320 is counted.

Plus new dash-8 qantas link coming…!

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Would love to see the Qantas livery on the A330-200 and especially the B737-800.

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All current IF Australian Airlines:

  • Jetstar
  • QantasLink
  • Qantas
  • Tiger Air

Virgin Australia
REX Regional express