Australian Flex Tracks and Southern Oceanic Routes


Our schedule takes us to Australia today on the Expert Server, and so with this new v20.1 update, I was wondering if Australian Flex Tracks are also in the sim? Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be tracks available for the Southern Hemisphere. I was looking to do SCEL-YSSY-FAOR later today in the Qantas B747.

Thanks for the info in advance! 😁

I don’t think they are

If I remember correctly, there aren’t any Australian flex tracks in use irl…

Yeah, looks like they’re not currently in use irl. However, the NATS in IF seem to be updated on a daily basis to match the irl tracks. But the pacific tracks are not.

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Yeah I noticed that. The pacific ones seem to be the same ones from yesterday.

But what about south-Atlantic or south-Pacific tracks between Africa-South America-Australia. Surely they exist too right?

They exist, yes, but they’re currently not in use irl

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Oh okay! So if those tracks are again being used in the future, infinite flight will also display them there.

Thanks for the info, this can now be closed! 😀