Australian evacuation flight on the way to Wuhan


Can you elaborate more on this topic than just a link please? 😊

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I’ll do the “honors” and summarize it for you:

The “Wuhan Coronavirus”, or 2019-nCOV, has spread to thousands upon thousands of people since its supposed beginning at a market in Wuhan, China. As the disease infected more people, the Chinese basically locked down the Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, including all travel to and from the area. This created a problem for many countries, who decided to evacuate their citizens. A few past examples have been a Kalitta Air flight from Wuhan to March Air Force Base and an Air India flight from Wuhan to Delhi. Now, Australia plans to take their citizens back to their home. A Boeing 747 operated by Qantas is scheduled to travel to Wuhan, with a stop in Hong Kong, to evacuate more than 600 people. It will fly back to Darwin, where, presumably, the passengers will travel on to Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean.

Most of the information is off the top of by head and may be incorrect, feel free to tell me if anything is wrong.


Sounds about right. :)

Sorry, medical nerd needs to correct you.
2019-nCoV is a virus, not a disease (diseases are not contagious). It is a part of the Coronavirus family of viruses, and has never been seen before. It’s symptoms are very similar to the 2002 SARS outbreak, which had more cases in the 6 months between when the virus was contained, and MERS, which was a similar outbreak in the Middle East. Coronavirus is a virus that is contracted by humans through animals, and it causes pneumonia like symptoms, and weakens your immune system. This particular Coronavirus emerged in early December in the Wuhan wet-market, which sells live animals, and it is suspected that bats are the source of the outbreak. Debating wether it is worse than SARS is complicated, since SARS had less cases then 2019-nCoV has, but it did have more deaths. How aviation comes into play is that foreign countries are evacuating their citizens out of Wuhan, majority are hiring charter flights.
Qantas was chosen by the Australian government. They are flying a 747-400 out to Wuhan, where it will collect Australians, from there, it will be flown straight to Christmas Island, where the citizens will be kept in quarantine for 14 days and frequently checked up on, so to avoid them spreading the disease into mainland Australia.

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Yeah, like I said, most of the information was probably wrong. Thanks for correcting it.

Posting a link with no description or anything…

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