Australian coral reefs wallpapers

Hello again! As you can see, I like to post on #screenshots-and-videos I just like taking screenshots to share them!
I was inspired by many outstanding posts as you will see. So I decided to hop on an F22 to let my lately blue fascination drive me and fly crazy over the Great Barrier Reef and went to over 150 000ft for catch a bit of the Earth’s curvature.

I hope you like these wallpapers, which I carefully chose I assure you your phone, tablet or desktop will look great! (·There is a desktop and a phone version of each)

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

And please, please, please, give proper credit if you are going to repost them on other platforms!!

Not too important details this time

Route: YBHM → YBHM
Flight time: ≈00h06
Server: Solo

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Amazing 😉 (10 words)

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You’re not allowed to take pictures from Google Earth!! JK, great photos!

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Wow. I really thought those were taken in real life. Holy Moly those are amazing!!


woah… i always thought about doing these but i keep forgetting… should i really do these kind of stuff?

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Thanks!! Make sure you try them as wallpaper, they look amazing!

I’d say you give it a try, it’s worth it

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Those are really Cool Pictures, thought they were real in space

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the thing is idk how to get to space anyomre… i tried everything but i can’t

Use a F-22 maybe and AIm Up all the time, I got to space 3 times by using the F-22 by putting the Nose up

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did that… kept nosediving nonstop… let’s continue in a pm

uhh… wrong topic @Cpt_Joshua ?

I swear someone is not gonna notice it’s Infinite Flight once seeing it. Lol

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Idk if i should be afraid or proud of that

Fantastic Photos 😀

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