Australian Bushfires

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If you were flying in or near Sydney, Canberra, or Melbourne, you might’ve endured very poor weather conditions. Namely, poor visibility. Make no mistake: this is not mere fog, but is a result of the ongoing bushfires (otherwise referred to as wildfires) on the east coast of Australia.

Heartbreakingly, these bushfires have been deadly, killing at least 3 volunteer firefighters, and injuring many more. Additionally, lots of land has been burnt and hundreds of property, including possessions, burnt too.

I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the lives lost and can hope and pray and their loved ones will embrace the generous spirit of those wanting to help. This comes at a time when people made the ultimate sacrifice to help others. And we’re nothing but truly grateful for that. Thank you!!

I’ve come across an article that lists how you can help: NSW, Victoria fires: How you can help Australia's bushfire victims

It’s a truly fantastic article and I encourage you to have a read, and if you can, to please donate.

If you know someone affected by these fires, please reach out to them. And if you are impacted and need help, please reach out for help. Whether it be to me privately, PLEASE get help if you need it. We are united with you in spirit.

To all those impacted, directly or indirectly, we hope that you are safe. Please remain hopeful knowing that this tragedy will eventually end. And please intensify your lasting courage, tenacity, strength, endurance as have been been for the past few months, showing that you’re a beacon of hope in a seemingly hopeless place.

It’s times like these were reminded of what humanity represents. Whether it be those unaffected by the fires who generously support those affected, to the fire fighters being sent from the USA, Canada, the fire fighters working tirelessly on the ground to defend and protect property and lives, I can not be prouder to be an Aussie, knowing that there are people globally who open their hearts to share their beacon of hope.

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Awesome message, the firefighters definitely deserve a lot of respect for all they are doing, but this will end up getting closed


Thanks for this wonderful post. These fires are truly terrible, and my heart goes out to all of those affected.

I greatly respect the firefighters who are working to keep people safe.

To all of our Australian community members, stay safe and I wish you all the best.

Thanks again for this thoughtful topic.


‘I’ve come across an article that lists how you can help:

It’s a truly fantastic article and I encourage you to have a read, and if you can, to please donate’.

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I’m hoping that some of our excessive foreign aid budget goes to Australia, a country in actual need which is great and very much deserving of it.

Al the best!


It truly is a devastating thing that is currently happening in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland over these past couple of months. Just as of a few days ago they’ve had to shut off a power plant that Victoria and New South Wales rely on.

I was on a flight to Coolangatta and the flight attendant said that the things that look like clouds are dangerous smoky cloud things made from the smoke, I don’t remember it completely but it was something like that.

I really hope the fires get put out soon and that nobody else’s life gets taken away from them.

All the best from your fellow Aussie,


Well said!! I was actually on a fight also, from Sydney to Manila 7 days ago, and although I didn’t see the extent of the bushfires like you, there was, without a doubt, very thick smog.
Hope that everyone is ok!!
From one Aussie to another, g’day mate!!


Thanks for your kind words. It’s interesting where the budgets of foreign aid is actually allocated to. It’s amazing that the generosity of strangers, in some cases, actually rivals the budgets of some country’s foreign aid! Let’s hope that the fire fighters and those impacted not only have money and resources they need, but the warmth and love and hope at a time like this

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I heard about the fire on the news, and it looks terrifying, indeed. I do hope these fires could stop soon. This year hasn’t started off great in the Southern Hemisphere, from massive floods here in Indonesia to worsening bushfires in Australia. My thoughts goes to all of those affected in this incident. And I hope other neighbouring countries of Australia can also offer aid to help the Australian Government to fight with the horrible fires :(


over here in NZ its seems unworldly, I dont want to imagine what life is like over there atm. The sky here is as yellow as it can get.

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It is an incredibly scary time for Australia. This is not normal yet some people are justifying their inaction on these issues by claiming they are normal. It just makes the vast majority of the population feel angry at the response. Luckily more aerial support is being called in the form of two DC-10s.

There are so many apocalyptic scenes going on. Skies going red and sunlight being blocked out.

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Glad your bringing light to this :)
@Mavic 's house was partially burnt down in the fires, but him and his family are safe for the time being. I’m sure there’s other community members in similar situations.

Wishing safety to everyone in Australia!


nytimes called a dc10 a 737, haha.


Also our hearts go out to @Aussie_Wombat his family hope your all safe and moved out. Aussie stay strong us kiwis and Aussies are like brothers. On top of that us Community is all of your second Families we stand by you all.

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The Australian public has raised over 20m on a Facebook fund

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May we remember the 13 people who died, many who were injured, the houses that were damaged or destroyed and the 8,000,000 animals (30% of whole population) that perished in the fires.


Yes it is sad that a few people have died and that the fires are burning everything in its path destroying people possessions.

The animals seems to be an outsider in this topic. Not much news is being put out about the actual wildlife which is heartbreaking. Millions of animals have been perished in these fires.

The world needs to come together now to stop this. We are the cause of this issue because of climate change. This is going to be a frequent thing as the world gets hotter and we must do something about it!

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Hey mate, living in Sydney I know how bad the fires are but since this not aviation related I don’t think you can post this here, I recently posted a similar topic and it was closed for the same reason. Please keep topics aviation related.

Same mhere

Even though this situations is extremely heartbreaking and unfortunate, this forum is not the platform for discussions surrounding this.

We all hope that these fires will be gone soon and that no further loss of life will occur.