Australian Adventure! @ YSSY - 220200ZSEP17

Server: Expert

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSCB

Time: 0200Z

NOTAM: Join the Qantas Virtual Group team by coming along on an adventure with us! Starting in Sydney (YSCB), we’ll take-off using the active runway before following the flight plan provided below. We will be flying over many of the airports our pilots fly to, before tracking to Canberra (YSSY) for a landing! We hope to see many of you there! You may use any of our Qantas, Qantaslink or Jetstar aircraft.

PM us if you’re interested in providing our event with ATC


All are Terminal 2
Gate 31 -
Gate 32
Gate 33
Gate 34 - @Bobby_Buffington
Gate 35 - @Lance_Chillian
Gate 36 -
Gate 38 - @Jack
Gate 39 - @Gershy
Gate 40 - @Dylan844r
Gate 41 - @Lewis_Dean
Gate 42 - @Samuel_Szeto
Gate 43 - @Samuel_Boakye
Gate 44 - @Bigbug747
Gate 45 - @kylen15
(More will be added if needed)


I’m in sounds fun. Nice explanation


Yep i agree with Bobby_Buffington i’m in sounds fun. Nice explanation


Will you be in attendance?

Gate 33 @Stephen_Michael
Gate 34 @Bobby_Buffington
Gate 35 @Lance_Chillian
Come one, Come all see you guys there!!

I think I can make it, still being a member of qantas virtual.

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I’ll be there. See you there.

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Roger that, will add you guys on there!

I’ll try my best to come! I really wanna attend it.

I’d join but I don’t know how to get into the event

To join the event you can spawn at the gate provided to you on Training Server 1 at the time of the event. From there you will follow the others participating to Canberra following the flight plan in the original post!

The thing is: how do you get in training sever 1? You could just sent me a video of you getting in the sever on my email. If you do here it is:

Please create a support thread via the Infinite Flight Community for assistance. This thread cannot be used for support.


@sami034 Please be patient, you’ve sent 3 messages in 5 minutes. Also, use the pencil (edit) button to edit posts instead of posting 3 seperate ones. The time is listed in Zulu at the top (look up a Zulu to your time zone converter) and the date is to. Please wait up to 24 hours for the poster to add you to the event as they do have lives


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Thx for the gate I will be there`

Ok @Stephen_Michael will do

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I would like to join! Can you please give me a gate 😀

Sign me up looks like a good flight