Australian 3D Airports

Hey, just a question to the devs or anyone with insight into the game. Will there ever be an update to the amount of airports that are 3D in Australia? A lot of the main cities airports aren’t 3D, nor is the correct airports sometimes such as Melbournes Essendon (YMEN) airport being 3D rather than the international airport (YMML).
It would be cool to see a proper 3D airport for some of these.

All the airports in the world will be 3D eventually. Editors don’t take requests on airports.


Firstly, welcome to the community! It’s great to have you here with us.

I would strongly recommend taking a look at the Project Australia topic which is linked below. The Project Australia topic, shows which airports are currently in progress, ready for release and also lists the airports in Australia that have been released in previous updates.

Check out the topic below for more information:

Let us know if you have any questions. Take care!


Hey mate! Just quoting this. Smaller airports are done a lot quicker than larger airports purely because of the time it takes, this is why you don’t see airports like YMML, YBBN and YPPH released yet.
With the link in the above comment, you can see that these larger airports are in progress, so rest assured they will eventually be released


Hi I just wanted to know why Perth Airport is not 3D why???

I’m pretty sure someone is working on it, but airports like Perth which are international and big airports takes more time than the smaller regional airports.


But they should make it 3D right?

It will be soon, like I said those big airports take time, you gotta realize that and it’s a lot of work, so the person who working on it needs time.


Creating airports takes a long time. It is likely they’ll make the Perth Airport 3D sometime in the future. Especially with Project Australia in the making. Give them time, but as of now there isn’t any concrete date for when it’ll be added.

They gotta make it the same as it is in real life and it has to be perfect yk


YPPH is certainly in the works and is making steady progress. There is no set completion or release date, as I want this airport to be to the high standards expected and as realistic as possible before release.

I recommend you check out the topic linked below for a collection of WIP (work in progress) shots from the airport:

I can say that : 🔜 👀

Editors are working hard. But hey! Perth is in progress!

Are how do you know that

Just look some replies above.


Ok thank you

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