Australia’s Flagship Airlines @ YMML 030800ZFEB19

Hi All!
Here Is an event I’ve put together for all Australia’s Main/Flagship carries.
The event will be hosted by just me, my goal for the event is to show that even though competition is good, being united (not the airline) is better. if anyone would like to be an admin for the airshow DM me.
P.S: this is my first event

Information: in Australia there are 3 Flagships: Qantas, Virgin AUS And Jetstar, most people (in Australia) refer to these carrier’s as the main airlines or flagships, Hence the title.

Airshow Info: the event will start at YMML and and end in YSSY, the 3 Airline’s you can fly as: Qantas, Virgin Australia or Jetstar. You must request gates

Server: Training

Airport: *YMML

date: 20th of January 2019 20/1/19

Time: 2019-01-20T01:00:00Z2019-01-20T02:45:00Z

NOTAM: Takeoff one at a time, do not bother ATC if active, takeoff runway will be announced on day.

image (Photos by: Virgin AU logo: , Jetstar (International) logo: , Qantas logo: )


Thanks for your attempt at an event, can you please visit the below thread to correct the formatting and other info to make this an accurate and well formatted thread?


@N339RGsuper_bruce I have corrected your title to the correct format. Please revise the thread I posted above to improve your event, along with previous event threads which will give you more knowledge on what attracts people to attend.

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Okay thanks

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what time is this?

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Seemingly 0800Z per the Title.

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After I changed your title, you have changed the content and time which you need to update. This thread is beginning to become a mess.


Mess? How?

You have 20th 0800Z in the title, and then 19th 1300 in the content. Make it all the same, otherwise people have no idea what they are signing up for.

For starters, the image in the actual topic hasn’t loaded.
But that just nitpicking.

The topic doesn’t have any sustenance. We’d be happy to help you format the thread, look to events like this for a reference. TO add on the date difference and just the overall lack of effort, while I assume you were aiming for a good event, and it looks like it will be. It just needs that real push to get over the line!


To everyone wondering the event is still going ahead.

Might want it add some pictures, and maybe make the thread a bit more user friendly. As Matt said, it kind of looks messy. I might consider joining if others do.


This is pretty messy, if you clean it up a bit and add a bit more effort and detail people might join. Right now it looks pretty plain…


Ive fixed it.

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That’s better! Now just add the image sources.

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Done, is that it? 🙂

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Okay Everyone I’ve fixed the “messiness” and everything else

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Take it this event isn’t happening, as the host is suspended, and there are no participants.

Can I have a Qantas 737-800