Australia & New Zealand Flying Club | New Thread, New Start

How do we join?

Hi @ralph_ocfemia! Simply fill out the application form, which is linked at the top of our thread, in blue text.


Ive just applied for a staff role! hopefully I get it and become part of the team :)


Looks like a great thread, I love Australia to bits; I used to live in Perth. Applied for the COO roll - looking forward to a response.


Nice work guys! I’ve been looking for a VA that’s right for me and this might be the one… As a kiwi, I’ll definitely consider applying!


@Aero thanks for your interest! Please check your PM’s.

@Vinne thanks for the kind words! Please check your PM’s.

@CoastieJim cheers! We hope to see you in our slack soon!


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Fun Down Under

An AUNZFC + QVG Event Series

Join us for our first Leg of Fun Down Under! We are embarking on a tour of Australia and New Zealand, showcasing the best of what these 2 countries have to offer.

Welcome Aero!

Please welcome @Aero to the position of Head of Medical! We know that he will be a great fit. Welcome Aero!


Quick question - the Pilot application form link doesn’t seem to be working. Is it just me?

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I’m getting the same issue from my end. The application form is available below. If it still doesn’t work please let me know.


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That link works, thanks so much!


No worries! We’ve processed your application, however because your public profile is hidden we can’t DM you the slack link. Is there an alternate way we can contact you?

Strange, I never knew it was hidden lol. Can you email it to me?

Yep, we can do that.

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That’d be great, cheers. The application had my email, no?

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Yep, your application had your email address.


Cool. See ya in the slack, then!


It’s Here!

Our state of the art Crew Centre, fully integrated with the Qantas Virtual Group, is here! Our pilots will now not only be able to file AUNZFC flights, but also file over 1500 different QVG commercial, codeshare and freight flights. This will also work vice versa. QVG pilots will not only be able to file QVG flights, but also any AUNZFC flight, under their QVG callsign.

Any pilot that signs up for AUNZFC through QVG’s website will receive an AUNZFC callsign (AUNZXXX). This can be used to log both AUNZFC and QVG flights. When signing up, make sure to select ‘Australia New Zealand Flying Club’ as your airline.

There’s never been a better time to join AUNZFC and experience what down under has to offer!


Find out more about QVG below.


Leg 1 is done!

Leg 1 of Fun Down Under was a blast. Make sure to sign up for leg 2!

New thread coming!