Australia Needs Help

Hello all! You probably know by now what’s happening in Australia. Here’s some eye opening facts that’ll give you an idea of the situation.

  • The California wildfires last year were 1,900,000 acres. The Australian Bush fires are 15,000,000 acres.

  • 70% of funding was cut. They have very little to fight the fires with. Most of the firefighters are volunteers

  • Thousands are protesting their frustrations for the lack of action that their Prime Minister took I. The early stages of the fire.

Australia Needs Help
How can you help?
Check out this event:

This is supposed to represent what Australia looks like.

The event is tomorrow. For every person that signs up, more money is donated. Please take the time to join this event.

I’ll also be streaming the event. Any donations received during it go directly towards the Australian Red Cross.

You can join the livestream here:



Questionable. Nice screenshot.


Well, they just dropped 22 million on 2 DC-10 and 2 MD-80 tanker aircraft for the fires, so no


The information I get here in Canada is quite limited, so bare with me! :)

This is just the stuff that I’ve heard, and it’s likely a big emphasized. I do at have the best access to sources to confirm these things.

Why are thousands of Australians protesting right now?


A lack of beer.

Just kidding. They’re protesting against the Prime Minister’s climate policies.


Do you have a source for that?

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I don’t want this thread to get political, and I’m sure nobody else does, but here are the facts, coming from an Australian, as unbiased and opinionated as I can make them.

  1. ScoMo (as many Australians know him) took a holiday in Hawaii in the early stages of the bushfires really getting out of hand.
  2. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been helping since November and as of Early January Operation Bushfire Assist is now their main effort.
  3. ScoMo denies climate change, but like everyone else, wants these fires to be over with
  4. The Australian Government has launched an inquiry into the cause for such a devastating fire season, with climate change being one of the many factors being taken into consideration.
  5. Protests are taking place across the nation.

If you want my opinion, PM me, but otherwise, I’ll keep it to the facts only here.


More like a borderline lie rather than questionable. Won’t go to deep into politics but there is definetely a anti coalition propaganda movement going around. Because fools don’t know the difference between federal and state funding. And others protest against backburning due to CO2 emissions, protest against farmers letting cattle go around eating undergrowth and insurances stopping national parks and volunteer firefighters doing emergency burn offs. That’s the problem, not the prime minister who’s been in charge for a year and has no control over a drought that started a decade ago. And has no control on what states do with firefighters.

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Because people are incredibly frustrated that the politicians aren’t listening to the broader population asking for action on climate change. That in itself is so irritating because we can’t do much about it, and it’s a real problem. Mind you, the coalition or their supporters have been using anti Labor/Green bots on Twitter. Anyway.


The event is happening today! You can help by attending :)


Sadly I can’t attend as it’s on ES, but I donated😄
Lets hope that the fires will be over fast


I was thinking of doing a very beautiful screenshot of Australia. And yes, Australia does need help


Great Shot! 🙃