Australia Group Flight @ YPPH 090620ZFEB20

Hi guys anyone want to come down to YPPH for a group flight for fun?

Departure Airport: YPPH
Time: 0620Z - 0700Z
Aircraft: Qantas B789
Destination: WSSS
Crusing Altitude: 35000ft

Please spawn 15 mins prior to pushback

Todays Flight Plan: YPPH - DER21 - DER03 - MILDA - TOPAR - LEPNA - KIMER - RI865 - WSSS

We will depart from runway 03 at YPPH and arrive at runway 02C in WSSS

I hope to see you soon!


I’m down! What time? (and server)

@Anthony_Vo around 3pm Perth time or if u need more time you can depart at 3:30pm, 4pm is the latest

I live in Perth, and god, it’s VERY windy right now haha, but alright, see ya in a few hrs! And it’s expert server?

Classic Server because of ghosting I got yesterday for no reason

Oof, So casual?

Yes mate that’s correct

Alright, cya then.

I will be delayed until 3:15pm @Anthony_Vo this is because I am currently doing something else

No problem

Ok @Anthony_Vo I am at Perth rn

I’ll spawn in.

ok then ill c u there

We a bit early? It’s only 2:11pm AWST, or Perth time… I’m Fine tho!

Oh rlly whoops @Anthony_Vo

Maybe you guys could move this into a PM ?

Great idea, thanks.

Yeah good idea thank you! @ThomasThePro, do you want to join us? You don’t have to

Unfortunately can’t at the moment. Maybe next though!

Ok sorry about that, maybe next time! But if you reconsider, we are still waiting on other people atm