Austral Pilots caught filming fireworks during final approach

Each aircraft has a time slot. If they miss their timeslot due to a unnecessary hold pattern so that the pilot can take pictures, then they won’t be able to land as their slot will be taken.

In this case the pilots shouldn’t have been on their phones or cameras.

No to avoid the potential risk of one of the fireworks hitting the aircraft.

Well, that depends on company policies (read of 20000feet for pictures on some airlines somewhere). But generally the sterile cockpit rule is set by the FAA and others (as far as I am aware) from ground to 10000feet.

Still flying should always be the main priority and not taking pictures, which should only be done when absolutely safe and fine to do so!

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Different countries have set regulations regarding fireworks and how high they can be shot up. This country in particular doesn’t seem to care about the nearby airport.

That’s when the world should adopt rules and regulations to make it more streamlined across countries and not all mumble jumbled like it is today.

Um… what is mumble-jumbled in the rules of aviation today?

Different regulations that can be super strict in one country and very un strict in others.

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