Austral Lineas Aereas ERJ-190

Embraer E-Jets are a series of narrow-body commercial aircraft manufactured in Brazil by aircraft manufacturer Embraer. All share a fuselage with the same cross section and most systems. Versions 170 and 175 share wings and engines, which differ only in fuselage length and maximum take-off weight. The 190 and 195 also share wings and engines. They are the largest aircraft manufactured by Embraer.

The E-190 family consists of two elongated versions of the E-170, equipped with larger wings and new engines, the GE CF34-10. Rounding out a capacity of 100 seats, it competes with small airplanes of first line like the Boeing 717-200 or 737-600, as well as Airbus A318 and A319

Aerolineas Argentinas bought 26 units of this model destined to its subsidiary Austral Líneas Aéreas, which finished receiving in September of 2011, becoming the most important operator the E-190 in Latin America.
Austral now have the same 26 E-190 and would be fantastic if its livety comes to IF, here is a photo of the plane. I apologize if this a duplicate and my english gramar…


photo credits to “Tribuna Digital”

Why don’t you upload a picture of the real aircraft? Good request.


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The ERJ-190 is lacking of cool Latin American liveries, this is one of them! Looks great!


Indeed we need more south american liveries for the ERJs. I voted for this one


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Anyway, This would be an awesome addition for ERJ Rework if Developers can do it in the future ❤


Time to bring this back to life, we had the Aerolineas Argentinas B738… what about this E190? I think it will improve activity in South America region aswell and it looks pretty good also

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Beautiful looking aircraft and livery👍

I have no votes, but have my support, I would love this painting