Austral Lineas Aereas ERJ-190

Embraer E-Jets are a series of narrow-body commercial aircraft manufactured in Brazil by aircraft manufacturer Embraer. All share a fuselage with the same cross section and most systems. Versions 170 and 175 share wings and engines, which differ only in fuselage length and maximum take-off weight. The 190 and 195 also share wings and engines. They are the largest aircraft manufactured by Embraer.

The E-190 family consists of two elongated versions of the E-170, equipped with larger wings and new engines, the GE CF34-10. Rounding out a capacity of 100 seats, it competes with small airplanes of first line like the Boeing 717-200 or 737-600, as well as Airbus A318 and A319

Aerolineas Argentinas bought 26 units of this model destined to its subsidiary Austral LĂ­neas AĂ©reas, which finished receiving in September of 2011, becoming the most important operator the E-190 in Latin America.
Austral now have the same 26 E-190 and would be fantastic if its livety comes to IF, here is a photo of the plane. I apologize if this a duplicate and my english gramar…


photo credits to “Tribuna Digital”

Why don’t you upload a picture of the real aircraft? Good request.


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The ERJ-190 is lacking of cool Latin American liveries, this is one of them! Looks great!


Indeed we need more south american liveries for the ERJs. I voted for this one


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Anyway, This would be an awesome addition for ERJ Rework if Developers can do it in the future ❤


Time to bring this back to life, we had the Aerolineas Argentinas B738… what about this E190? I think it will improve activity in South America region aswell and it looks pretty good also

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Beautiful looking aircraft and liveryđź‘Ť

I have no votes, but have my support, I would love this painting