Austin to Miami - Mother Nature shows her beauty

Hello all. Today I flew a classic route on AA’s beautiful a320 from Austin to Miami. This flight was a perfect flight, with awesome scenery and a soft landing. I wanted to share with you all the simple beauty of this world. This flight was a little over 2 hours and was flown on the Expert Server. I flew this route myself last month, and it was awesome. Without further ado, here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Boarding in Austin

Lining up Runway 17L


Cruising over IAH and Houston

Approaching descent as the a320 soars above Naples, Florida

On final as the a320’s gear come out from hiding

Moments before touchdown as a Lufthansa MD11F taxiies in the distance

Rolling down Runway 09 as the thrust reversers do their job

Taxiing to our gate as the majestic Lufthansa Cargo MD11F roars out of runway 12

Deplaning at our gate as a Qatar a359 in the distance prepares for a long takeoff roll

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Very nice pictures! Keep it up!

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Thanks, glad ya liked it!

Hope you enjoyed your flight!

Happy Flying!

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why u gotta do me like dat 😂

Lol I had no idea about that I’ll get it fixed thanks for pointing it out 😂

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I had to do it. 😂 Also glad you noticed and didn’t make me look like a prat!

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Lol anyways I fixed it now

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