Austin to Hartford via Chicago with American

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I took two flights with American Airlines. My routing was AUS-ORD-BDL. Both flights were on a 737-800.

Flight one

My flight up to Chicago was on an older 737. I was in seat 22F, a window seat on the right side of the aircraft. This was an older aircraft and there were only overhead IFE screens instead of personal screens, but I was able to stream free entertainment on my iPad which I prefer anyways. Here’s the view at the gate:

In the back right you can see the Alaska Toy Story livery.
Upon pushing back they showed the wrong safety video (the one for international flights) and they restarted the normal one. The guy behind me said that “we must be on a very dangerous plane if they showed the safety video twice.”
After reaching our cruising altitude of 35 thousand feet, the flight attendants came around with snacks and drinks. I chose to get apple juice and they gave out Biscoff cookies (which are delicious, but 8:30 in the morning was a little early for them). Soon enough we were descending into a rainy Chicago with dense fog:

Chicago was full of cool liveries when we arrived. Here’s the Astrojet livery on the American 737-800 (which is in IF as well):
Here’s the Star Alliance livery on the United 777-200. This is a really good livery IMO:

Second flight

After a short layover in Chicago, I boarded my second flight to BDL. I was in 22A this time. This 737-800 was much newer and had IFE screens. Here’s a picture of the seat (this is the seat on most of Americans fleet):

I’m quite short so I had plenty of legroom. Once we reached our cruise at 29 thousand feet the flight attendants came around. This time it was pretzels and I got some ginger ale. I spent the rest of the flight watching the IFE and looking out the window. Here’s some views of upstate New York:

Soon enough we were descending into the Hartford-Springfield area. I took a time-lapse of our landing but I can’t upload videos here :(

Thanks for looking and give me feedback if you have any!


Compare the first flight’s economy class seat (without PTVs) to the second flight (with PTVs)

Did you feel any difference in terms of personal space/legroom?

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The legroom was basically the same. The seat on the newer seat was slightly more comfortable but it had a seatback pocket that was hard to fit stuff into

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Nice review. What did u think of the Chicago airport? I love that airport when I fly there and always brings me good luck (I end up getting first class to wherever I travel to from that airport)

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It was kind of crazy when I was there. Nothing too outstanding

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