Austin to Cape Canaveral (diverted)

Hello fellow pilots, happy new year first,

Today, i had to fly Elon Musk from Austin ( Tesla Giaga Factory) to NASA shuttle landing facility (Cape Canaveral, SpaceX) .

It’s started well with this takeoff, you can use this picture as a wallpaper if you want. It’s fitting good.

However, after a 1h56 flight, we are approaching KTTS , i checked ATIS, it shows Wind at 14 knots, gusting 27 knts . It’s pretty windy so…

First attempt, i failed to land, since that the is a crosswind from the Left. It was gusting 27 at this moment.

Almost a wing strike…

Going Around by turning right full throttle VS +2500 ,

Second attempt:

Again failed to land + right wing suffered a wing strike.

Then i climbed and declared an emergency to the ATC, i decided to divert to MCO, closest airport with the longest runway.

Problem n"2:

A minute after second go around, an alarm activated in the cockpit, it was the LOW FUEL one. I realized that i have 3% fuel left. I informed ATC that i was in a emergency fuel situation and that the flying capacity of the aircraft is reduced due to the wing strike.

I managed to land in MCO where 4 fire trucks were waiting for us. It was difficult to maintain the aircraft in the air due to the aerodynamic diminution.

Flight of today: sorry for the quality

At the end, Elon wasn’t happy but he was proud of me because of my capacity to fly the plane and my capacity to stay calm.

Bonus: I will fly him tomorrow to Berlin, with a different plane . This one is in maintenance at MCO currently

What do you think? Have i managed to solve the situation? My piloting skills?

Thank you


I have actually landed a plane and done pattern work at the Space Shuttle Facility and it definitely does get gusty and difficult at times. Good job

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At first I was like wait, no one would ever fly a private jet into KTTS then I was like…

Oh wait it’s Elon

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Thank you for the comment and kind words. Yes it’s always windy there

Yeah lol, Elon need to land as close as possible to the Launch control building