Austin to add several new international routes!

Oh. My. God. This. Is. HUGE!! @BadPlane
@snoman Austin plans/hopes to add several routes including nonstop service to Hawaii, Dublin, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Beijing, Seoul, And Shanghai. The above are “priority” cities. Here’s my source. NOTE: scroll down to see the routes/priority.

This would be amazing. Austin hopes to have as many of these as possible (hopefully all 🤪) in the next 5 years.
For the airlines in these routes, it is undetermined. Delta is working on turning AUS into a mini hub, so they might operate the flights to Paris or maybe even Tokyo. That’s me and my dad’s guess. As for the other routes, I don’t know. Maybe just the country’s airline. AUS is building a lounge currently also. This would be amazing for Austin and this will be very exciting to watch as a local! I’ll keep an eye on it and reply to this thread with updates.
The current AUS heavy routes are:
AUS-LHR British Airways 744
AUS-LGW Norwegian Air Shuttle 789
AUS-FRA Lufthansa a333

Side note: Delta will also begin AUS-SJC nonstop service @BigBert10 @GlobalFlyer1

Thank you all for reading!!


I think that’s good for Austin but I’m curious to see how the load factors will be for the new routes


Ouch… I read this as if new routes were actually announced.

Other than that I mean… many airports are doing an incentives program and are pushing for global cities like the ones you’ve listed. I wouldn’t be surprised if every airport around AUS’ size has a similar program.

DFW Airport has a relatively same program aiming for cities such as Berlin, Nagoya, Auckland, Lagos, and a few other cities…


Also, what’s the source for Delta launching San Jose to Austin? I’m not seeing anything unless I’m missing it.

One sec I’ll find it

I don’t want to be the party pooper here, but the airport saying they want these routes hardly means that the routes are coming, and definitely not that an announcement is coming tomorrow. I’m sure they have chosen routes they think are viable, but more than doubleing international flights is not going to happen overnight. You make a good point about Delta, I think that will help, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen. For example KPIT lost service to London in 2004, getting that back has long been a priority of the airport, and it just happened last April, 15 years after the flight dried up. All I’m saying is that the airport has a lot less power than the airlines…


Man am I glad I didn’t tell you where my home airport is, I would’ve gotten all sorts of tags 😜

Well, incentives can REALLY drive an airline to launch service to somewhere that seems… off?

Like your example of Pittsburgh, they are a serious airport in terms of using incentives to attract airlines. They had incentives for WOW, Condor, British Airways, and even that one week China Eastern flight to Shanghai.

Would you have expected British Airways to launch Charleston, South Carolina, of all places? Another incentive-driven route.

American Airlines was also driven by incentives to launch Tel Aviv to Dallas, rather than Philadelphia, its main transatlantic gateway.

Just note, once these incentives run out and the airline deems the route unworthy, they will drop the service in a heartbeat. Xiamen Air’s Shenzhen to Seattle flight is an example. Incentives recently ran out and the airline will end the route in September.

I completely agree with you regarding an impending announcement. There are larger airports that have been wanting service from an airline or to a city for years or even decades and still don’t have it.

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Wow this is super exciting! I see the first stage of routes probably with delta as either CDG or AMS, and then possibly ICN and maybe Tokyo or somewhere in China. It would be interesting if Southwest looked into serving Hawaii from aus 🧐.


I mean sure subsidized flights are a big thing here, no question, but it has to be done well. Take Qatar for example, they launched a cargo flight here, which was heavily subsidized, at first it wasn’t getting enough traffic, but since it was here companies started using it, and now they are adding another one weekly. I think I should also note that subsidies hardly pay for a flight, if those planes are empty eaven the largest subsidies pay for a few days of the flight at most. Airlines that leave as soon as the payments run out seem to be running away from the money, they were likely never making any money, they just had to run out the contract…

Subsidies can help entice service and boost demand, but it can’t make loads that simply aren’t there. It’s no easy task to more than double you’re service like this…

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Meanwhile RDU is going for Beijing and is trying to expand by 2040…

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This is awesome, let’s get that new terminal built fast to accommodate Delta and all the new routes.

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Anything on that source for Delta launching SJC-AUS?


Here’s the thing I was talking about earlier, with DFW’s program:

Dublin, Munich, Helsinki, Berlin, Nagoya, Melbourne, Addis Ababa, Barcelona, Nairobi, Rome, Auckland, and Johannesburg

The article was created three years ago, and since then we’ve only received Dublin, Munich, and Rome. Auckland and Melbourne seem to be the next ones on the list.

Also… Houston doesn’t even have flights to Dublin, Seoul, and Shanghai. I truthfully would expect them to receive it first.

We’ll, Americans in Dallas and United’s in Houston, so delta making Austin a Minihub and flying to seldom flew to destinations is a strategical move to get in on the Texas Market.


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