Austin_Nelson's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KIND

Currently CLOSED.

*(FOR DEPARTING FLIGHTS - Please make sure you have your flight plan set up BEFORE requesting pushback)

I am working on getting my operations up so I could apply for being ATC in the Expert server, so please stop by and give me some support, thanks!

Frequencies Controlled

KIND (Indianapolis International Airport)

Training Server


Hey there! It’s great you’re interested in becoming an IFATC member in the future!

I just have a suggestion about your choice of controlling at KJFK. KJFK is a very popular airport that is similar to KLAX and EGLL, where trolls and other forms of misbehavior are a rather common event.
What is suggested when controlling with a tracking thread in preparation to applying to IFATC is controlling at a smaller, less known airport with two parallel runways.

Best of luck in controlling and your future ATC career!

Thanks for the heads up!

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Do you want feedback. I was N692AB

Of course! That is why I am doing this rather than getting my operations in at a more busy airfield where I’ll have more to do.

Ok one second

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  1. Ok so the first landing clearance was very late. It should be given on crosswind and/or early downwind.

  2. If you tell me cleared for the option there is no need to tell me cleared to land, because cleared for the option covers a touch and go, a full stop, or regular landing.

Great job telling Navy to go around. Keep practicing

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Thanks for the feedback!! I will work on the points you just touched on.

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Darn, can’t believe I missed this 😡

I’ll be back on later

ATC at KIND is now open

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