Austin gate size

The new gate size restriction is cool don’t get me wrong but BA fly the 747 there daily and they park at gate 2, but in the game gate 2 says it cannot fit any that big, in fact the only gates that can fit the 747 are the cargo ones.
It would be greatly appreciated if this could be sorted out


KAUS needs a full redo from scratch to add new gate sizes. I’ll make this know to the editing team.

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I believe there’s a way to request a rework of an airport, or you could always go down the road of becoming an editor…

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So I’ve looked into it, and there isn’t a way to directly request an airport, but you could always join the team, here’s how to get started:

Well, this has never existed. We have a policy of no requests and we encourage editors not to take requests from the public, since we do the airports we want or that seem to have some priority.

As you said, the best way to have an airport you want is by joining us and do it yourself.


Thank you guys