Austin allen1's ATC tracking thread (closed

training server tower and ground available

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Hi Austin,
Please make sure to edit your title saying if you are open or closed, for example:

  • Austin allen1’s tracking thread [OPEN] @ [Insert ICAO]


  • Austin allen1’s tracking thread [Closed]

Also I presume you meant Oct 30th vs. 20th. However I spawned into KCOS just now (7:46 PM UTC) and there is nobody there.

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Will send feedback in PM.

Why do you have 2 ATC Tracking threads?

Hi Austin, as mentioned above you currently already have a tracking thread open. Only one is needed as you can continue to edit over the course of time as you open up airports. I’ll link your old thread and flag this one for closure, have a good one!

Edit, that one was closed rather than this one, please feel free to continue to use this for all of your openings. :)

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