Austin_allen1's ATC Tracking thread [CLOSED AT KPHL]

Ground and tower open at KPHL


I’ll join on in for some touch and goes!

Oh yea, you can copy and paste this into your thread.

Put info like this…

Open At: (ICAO)
Frequency: (Tower, Ground, APPR, Departure, ATIS, Center)
Server: (Training, Expert)

There no ATC on Casual. You know we can’t control on Casual.

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I forgot, lol. Thanks

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Also, we don’t have Center for now.

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Just going to keep it there, he will most likely be using Ground and Tower though

I’ll come in for ya

Please give me back-taxi. I am too short to take-off, it is important to back-taxi when a aircraft is to short to takeoff and there is no taxiway to Runway 26.

Finished! TBM is very nice.

Hello, lot of mistake, you suppose to clear me for the option. I think you need to work on ATC Skill and sequencing. Sequencing is very important. I want you watch all and look all, too. Don’t worry, you will learn and become a better ATC!

Learn ATC #1
Learn ATC #2

I edited your title a bit so it fits the requirements.

Continue in your first thread please. You can update the title and body of your post as you open/close various fields.

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