AussieAviation's ATC Tracking Thread - OPEN @ KDEN

Hello everyone!

This is my ATC Tracking Thread. I will be open regularly at different airports all around the world. Check below for my schedule (coming soon!) All feedback is appreciated. Please also make sure to follow all instructions.

Please bear in mind that I am at school and am working a job, so the schedule will not be consistent, but I will try to make every effort to make frequent openings at airports.

  • 08-April-2019 - Airport: Melbourne Int’l (YMML) - COMPLETED
  • 10-April-2019 - Airport: Denver Int’l (KDEN) - IN PROGRESS
  • 12-April-2019 - Airport: Singapore Int’l (WSSS) SCHEDULED
Information on previous airport

Melbourne AirportPreformatted text

Information on current airport

Current Status:

  • Open


  • Denver Int’l (KDEN)


  • Ground on 121.85
  • Tower on 124.30

Current RWY Config:

  • RWY25, RWY26 and RWY17L are closed
  • Pattern work on RWY17R
  • Departures on RWY16L
  • Arrivals on RWY16R

I’ll hop in.

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I’m gonna join you for some minutes :)

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Pattern work?

Yess! Let me test your ATC skills

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Go ahead my friend!

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@Niccckk, looks like your game crashed. Are you rejoining?

I had to go do something, I might be able to come back later, sorry!

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You’re all good. See you soon.

Alright Thanks for the services.

Perhaps the biggest thing, Look at the instructions given to N557YO. Doesn’t it “say contact tower when ready.” We will contact tower ourselves as the pilots.

The transition. This is a big one if you want to become an IFATC. I suggest you view the replay then read This

Here’s you say “Extend Downwind,” and them later I’ll call your base” really you only have to say one or the other.

There is no need to assign speed here. If you say “traffic to follow is in right base” then it’s my job as the pilot to maintain safe distance with the aircraft I’m following.

No need to reiterate “make right traffic” here.

You asked for best forward speed, but I was 1 NM away form the airport. Probably not going to work out very well.

Just try to avoid go arounds. I just didn’t have time (irl) to go around in this situation, sorry.

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Which airport is next? Voting closes on the 5th of April, 2019 at 5:59 pm AEST 2019-04-05T12:55:00Z2019-04-08T07:59:00Z

  • Melbourne (YMML)
  • Singapore (WSSS)
  • Denver (KDEN)
  • Memphis (KMEM)

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Ok @AussieAviation,

Here I got my feedback for you:

  • First, you told me to contact tower when I was taxiing to the runway. There was no need to do that.

  • Here you said I had to maintain slowest practical speed, but when someone is in his final speed, you can’t slow more down. Next time, try to avoid this.

  • Here I had to wait for my ‘base’ but you could have let me go and clear me for the option. There was enough space between my aircraft and the other one. When someone is doing patterns, there’s almost no need to use the pattern positions, but only if you think the a/c lose separation. The normal separation is about 2nm.

  • When you have once said ‘make right traffic’ then an a/c has to maintain his right turns unless you want an aircraft to make a left turn. So after this, there’s no need to say again that I have to make a right turn.

  • And finally, you told me to go around but there was no need for a go around as the traffic in front of me was already in the air.

This was my feedback for you. I hope you learned something of this.
Although, I think you’ll be a great controller in the futur!


Thank you very much for your insightful and very helpful feedback, @Edivan_dcds and @KIND9624. I will take this into account for a better performance next week. Have a great weekend and happy landings!


Ill try to get out afte I land in KSFO

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I’ll come down for a couple patterns

Never mind.
Please change the status in the title

Do a good job and watch the planes do not judge before you’re sure.
Congratulations and good luck.