Aussie Wombat’s Tracking Thread [CLOSED]


I had to create a new one as I couldn’t edit the other.

Hey - I just decided to make a tracking thread for my ATC sessions. Here I (like most) will announce whenever I’m live on Air Traffic Controlling.

Feedback for any session would be very much appreciated - good or bad.

If anyone asks “Have you considered joining IFATC the answer is yes, but I don’t reach the age requirement 🙂


  • Wombat

I see you’re ready for the 8 aircraft about to arrive in 20 or so minutes


Yep all prepared…


I see you have multiple inbounds, let me go ahead and do some pattern work XD
Edit, & note to self: Queenstown isn’t the best place do to T&G’s.

On a side note, I understand you were incredibly busy and didn’t give me a clearance for landing until I reported I was on final. Other than that, everything else sounded fine. I had to end so abruptly because my phone is down to 5% and need to find my charger.

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we had 6 IFC members arriving at Queenstown at the same time

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Ya, I can only imagine how difficult controlling multiple planes at once would be.

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and we also had two takeoffs that did not follow instructions- it was basically KLAX or EGLL

It was, so sorry for not clearing you earlier, too many planes, thanks for saying you were on final 😨 👌🏼

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On landing I’m not sure if you saw New Zealand 001 Heavy was a pain in the ass

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