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Aussie Steveo, The New Kid, and the Big Boys…


Welcome back to one of my spotting topics; it’s been a while! Today I’ve got a few pictures - some airside, others most definitely not. We’ve got some general aviation and some commercial!


We’ll start with an Ambulance Service for New South Wales Beech King Air 350C. Arriving from Sydney with COVID-19 testing kits and vaccines. Leaving with a patient off to Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital.

VH-NAJ is 10 years old and was built in January 2011. Here’s NAJ, pictured here taxiing along Hotel for the General Aviation ramp.

Next up: Aussie Stevo (!?). With the registration of VH-KOF, this TBM850 flew in from Maitland and had been parked on the ramp for a couple of days before returning to Maitland.

What you may note is that it has the same paint job as the ever-popular social media “superstar” Steveo1Kinevo.

Now, VH-OKC. An aircraft with a very distinct tail (no, @Chris_Hoss, it’s not a Bonanza) - its a Mooney M-20R. Arriving in Coffs with a bunch of other Mooney’s as part of an air-race and meetup. Pictured is OKC and a “cinematic” shot of its friends…

…and now, the new kid! Pictured here is the inaugural Regional Express flight from Sydney to Coffs Harbour. VH-ZJS is one of REX’s 60 Saab 340B aircraft and operated ZL6436.

Keeping with the REX theme, pictured here is VH-EKH, another Saab 340B, operating ZL6416 from Sydney.

Saying goodbye is tough… On Monday Virgin Australia ceased services to Coffs Harbour due to “cost cutting” as the airline battles the aftermath of the COVID-19 downturn. All is not lost though, as a Virgin/Alliance partnership has recently been approved by Australia’s consumer watchdog - the ACCC. Here is VH-YIU (or “Middleton Beach”) operating the final flight into Coffs as VA1161.

…aaannnndddd back to REX (can you tell I’m excited?). Below is VH-TRX operating ZL6436 - again another Saab 340B, but hey, it’s more artistic!

Now to the other competition… QantasLink! Pictured below is “Albury” (or VH-QOE), a De Havilland Dash 8-400, operating QF2104 from Sydney.

Finally, but certainly not least, we have “Q-Jet 1570”. “Royal National Park” (or VH-YQU) operating QF1570 from Sydney! QantasLink has only recently begun flying Boeing 717’s to Coffs - with their regional expansion which begun on April 1st. Coffs now receives two B712’s a day, one from Sydney and one from Melbourne. As of next week, there’ll be two B717’s from Sydney and one from Melbourne.

That’s all for today! if you have the time to, please comment any feedback - I really want to learn! Oh, and if you’d like: feel free to let me know which picture your favourite was!

Thanks very much for reading and looking through,

Have a good one!


That Red, grey and black Mooney is gorgeous

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Nice shot Adam! Beautiful planes!

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Ohhh yeah. Wonderful lookin’!

Absolutely! Thanks very much, Cris!

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Awesome set of shots Adam! 🍉

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Thanks Alex! Looking forward to your next topic!

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Great photos 😍

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