Aussie_Cockatoo ATC l CLOSED

The others got filled with arguements, therefore no one came.
Rules of this thread:
No arguing over useless stuff.

I will only edit the top post to say where I am.
Where: YSCB
When: OPEN
Tower & Ground
Departures, Arrivals Pattern Work, Other.

About today: this session is to show you that 1. I won’t do those stupid things again and 2. I am a good atc and come in anything.

Hope to see ya around!


Sure. When? Where?

Pattern Work?


Just accept patternwork and any type of aircraft, and be thankful for and take on board any feedback you get and you’ll be fine. Just control, keep it simple, no “ideas” needed :)


Where’s the rule of “having fun”? Cause I’m ready to have fun :)

If you think that I’m going to be like one of those peanut pilots, I promise I won’t. I’m a Grade 5 pilot and I’ll fly professionally and at the same time, have fun :)


Of course I’m accepting pattern work! That was when I was a idiot at atc in my first thread… currently out right now, can’t control.

Woah woah calm down. I know your frustrations after all the mess in the past two topics. Well then, take some time going out for now. We’ll see you when you’re ready to start again.

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Props for realizing, but in your last thread you said you would stop being an idiot and you were, and now you’re saying that again. Is it going to happen?


Hey now. Just leave him alone.

@Aussie_Cockatoo you can answer that later.

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Not going to be a idiot. Things do trigger me to become a idiot… like arguments

@Aussie_Cockatoo what did I say? Go get some rest. Forget what happened. You don’t want this thread closed again do you?


He can do it one more time if he wants, I have a PM with him, and I’ll be sure to correct any mistakes he has made.

Anyway, I’ll be coming for som pattern work:)

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I think we are arguing over arguing lol
Let’s decide what region.

Alright let’s just decide what region I should do

  • Carrebien
  • Hawaii
  • Sydney
  • SoFlo
  • North Carolina
  • Ansterdam/ Düsseldorf/ Brussels

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@Hyyyyy2317 @CannedAviation @Will_A @nicochile2 It is now open (see top post)

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Delkana/United 84 with you now! Hope to have fun!

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Yep! I can see you! Thanks for coming!

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Closed. But guess who showed up? Noobs.

Sorry, my device is acting up and I am crashing on takeoff. I’m going to have to switch over to my Android tablet and try again in a few minutes, :(

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How long did you controlled at KPIE?

Sorry for not coming. I had another flight.

About 30ms. No one really showed up.

Okay, as I suggested in PM. Your controlling is way to short. Give at least 30+ minutes for people on the community to show up. Sometimes it takes them time:)