Aurora Q400

Hey, Dash was released a while ago, but sadly this livery didn’t make it, and i want it to change.


Aurora airlines, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, is a regional airline operating flights in the Russian far east. The already have 5 Q400 and another 5 is currently on order.


First of all, adding it to the game will not only increase representation of Russian airlines and post soviet in general, which is quite bad at the moment.
Secondly, well i mean just look at it.


Your vision?

Comrades, we need this!


I will always support russian aviation in ♾ Flight! VOTED

P.S. Летит Аврора над горами, и машет нам она крылами 😜

More of a fan of the Aurora A319 but a nice request nonetheless.

Their A319 will be replaced by A320, but this one is here to stay))

Only if i had free votes… great livery and perfect for some Far East routes

Not just far eastern! They also operate flights to Japan, China and South Korea

My vision? Not so amazing :b

I was scrolling through the Wikipedia page of New Chitose Airport and saw the Aurora served there and I thought it was basically Aeroflot Experss. Either way I’d be down to see some more Русский liveries.

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That is actually a really nice livery, I hope it gets added to the game!