Aurora Muni AirShow Competition! (Finished!) @ KARR 222200ZSEP19



Flying W airport

Server: Casual

Airport: KARR

Time: 2019-09-22T22:00:00Z

NOTAM: I will call you up one at a time please don’t cut. You will also be scored on your act. May the best pilot win!

Types of acts: maneuvers, Fly overs, STOLs, Or anything else you can think of.

Types of planes allowed: Anything that can fit.

Act Aircraft Livery Gate Pilot.
. Maneuvers . P38 . . GA1 . @Plnelovr
. Maneuvers . F22 . . GA2 @anon45500775.
.Display . SpitF GA3. . @Skyler.Cooper
. Demo . SR22 . . GA4 @DeltaMD88Fan
.with @Skyler.Cooper . f22 . . GA5 @Nate_Schneller
. Display .F22 . . GA6 . @Pertonics
.Display w @Pertonics . F22 . . GA7 @Mikey1974
.Touch and go . 787X . . . @DanVenezuela
. Aerobatics . CC19 . . GA8 @FrankieFremont
. with @Pertonics .F22 . . GA9 @Alaska170
. VTOL and Maneuvers . CRJ7 . IF GA10. @anon41771314
.VTOL . 320 . QantasLink FBO J.A . @anon70772274

Acts in Order.

Act Order Act Pilot
1. Maneuvers @Plnelovr
2. Maneuvers @anon45500775
3. Display. @Skyler.Cooper
3. Display. @Nate_Schneller.
4. Demo. @DeltaMD88Fan.
5. Display. @Pertonics
5. Display. @Mikey1974
5. Display. @Alaska170
6. Touch and go @DanVenezuela
7. AeroBatics @FrankieFremont
8. VTOL and Maneuvers @anon41771314
9. VTOL @anon70772274

5th Place @DanVenezuela
4th Place @Pertonics and his team
3rd Place @anon41771314
2nd Place @FrankieFremont and his team
1st Place @Nate_Schneller his team.

Discord server for coordination or questions.


Did you mean competition in the title?

I’ll come in the P-38

Your name is in.

Dang Grammerly I’ll fix it

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Ok what’s your act?

Sign me up for and f-22 or something


I’ll put down Maneuvers for you.

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Can people do it in like a 4 people diamond formation

Yes. but you would need to gather 4 people up.

Ok I’m in gaf imma see in anyone them want to do it.

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I would like to do a display in the Herc,
@Nate_Schneller @DeltaMD88Fan you wanna do the heritage as a display also ??


I’ll put your names down. what planes?

just put my name for now not the others.

im in the J-30 for the Herc display

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Bet sign me up boi

F-16 Viper Demo Team | 15 min display with music and narration.

Will join up in the heritage flight with Scott and Nate.


your name is down.

I will be making a narration video on the airshow so do you want to choose your music? (has to be non copyright)

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I’m going to want in on this action! I’ll take GA5 if it’s still open!

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Non copyright? Dang is there a way you don’t include our soundtrack and fill in NCS.

Im not sure. Whats your song?

What aircraft what act?

I’m in for this. IFCAS F-22 Demo Pilot 👍🏻


F22 demo pilot