Aurigny Air Services Embraer E195

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Recently I came across this livery as a bi-product of browsing Flightradar24 and flying from Gatwick in October. This could be one of my favourite liveries on the 195. Aurigny Air Services is a domestic UK airline that had bases in Alderney (Aurigny in French) and Guernsey flying to destinations around the UK with a couple international destinations. The colours in this livery makes it stand out very well and blends pretty nicely with the bold text. With the collapse of FlyBe, I feel this could make up for the unfortunate passing of the airline with another domestic UK one. Don’t be fooled by what JetPhotos tells you. It’s not an E190, but an E195.


This aircraft (reg. G-NSEY) is the only E195 in Aurigny’s fleet and was delivered to the airline in June of 2014. The livery really does show its charm.

About Aurigny:

About the E-Jet family:

A minor quiz: What is the animal displayed on Aurigny’s tails?

  • Cardinal
  • Pidgeon
  • Puffin
  • Falcon

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I always see Aurigny at Gatwick. I should put a vote to this 🤔

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Haha looks cool :) What is the animal called (tail) ?

A nothin. Quite famous in some UK places. We have an entire island dedicated to them. No literally.

Oh right and on that island we catch them and eat them.


Pretty cool livery, I’d vote if I could.

Oh poor puffins :(

Done. Even though people can view it. Enjoy lol,

Just bumping this. The channel Islands deserve some love!

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It’s a nice livery I might be able to free up a vote for this. Anything Channel Islands I’m happy to vote for 😁

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Thanks for the support!

Why no votes?

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Here is one vote.

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Because it doesn’t have any? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂

Thanks for supporting though, appreciated.

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You can always vote for your own feature to show your own support for it ;)

Really nice livery though, would love to see this and fly it from Guernsey - Gatwick!

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Can’t exactly vote for every feature request I have. I try to make space when I can. 🙃

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Whole idea of a request is because you want to see it in IF. Meaning you should really have a vote for each!

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Sometimes I passionately want more than 20 things , you know? 😛

If the E-Jet wins the vote, this shouldn’t be left out! Just an amazing livery, for an amazing airline.


Aurigny’s only jet powered aircraft. :)

Also, been to Birmingham recently for F1 charters