August ATC Schedule

When will it come out? Today is obviously July 31 but Europeans are now in the evening or close to it and no ATC schedule for August has been released yet. They’ve always been released a couple of days before.


Yeah I was wondering the same…
It’s already nighttime here in India… 👀

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Right now Tyler is exhibiting at Oshkosh with the Infinite Flight Staffing team. Due to this he may not post the Schedule until he returns back from Oshkosh. But who knows he may have time to publish it today. Best to just wait and see.

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Be patient, its only morning now in the US and the person who creates the schedule
@ Tyler_Shelton is at Osh Kosh right now, so some delays might be expected!

Society itself will collapse, economies will fall, and buildings shall burn if we so not get the schedule before it is meant to begin!


Hey guys,

Tyler created the schedule before he left for Oshkosh. All he needs to do is publish it. It should be posted soon. Thank you all for your patience


Always the day prior. It’ll be up shortly! Thanks for your patience.