(August 9, 2019) Omni 777-200 at KMHT

Welcome to this rather small spotting topic about Omni Air!

Here at Manchester, we have been blessed with our third Boeing 777-200ER this year from Omni!
Unfortunately, my camera decided not to work at all (Thanks SD Card!), so I was only able to snag a few pictures here and there.

Manchester has never received a 777 until this past February, as you can see in this thread here:

Fun part was, the main runway, Runway 35-17, was closed for taxiway renovations, which meant that the crosswind Runway, 6-24, was the only operational runway available. The Main runway is about 9,300ft long, and can take any airplane up to the 747.

Runway 6-24 on the other hand, I did not know a 777-200 could land on a nearly 7,700ft long runway. It was such an awesome sight when it came in to land, and when it came to taking off, it used almost the entire runway length!

This is the third time a 777-200ER visited MHT. I think Omni likes to send us this airplane once and a while now that MHT can handle a 777-200ER.

Let’s hope Omni sends us a fourth one before 2019 ends :)


What a great sight to see! 777-200ER on final for 6

Right after taxiing off the runway.

Continuing into Signature

Close up shot of the Omni 772.

This flight originated from Colorado Springs, and continued onto Wisconsin. It was a great sight to see. While I wasn’t able to get more pictures, I can say that, while I only ever saw planes in my viewfinder, I never really get to truly plane spot with my own eyes. It truly was something to see in the moment.

I hope you like the pictures!

Fun Fact: My order from Dunkin’ that day was 777. Not even kidding, it was such a weird coincidence


Where in Wisconsin did it go? Last time I saw one at KMSN was 2016

According to FlightAware, it went to Camp Douglas, WI



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Lucky spot, that’s a pretty nice looking plane! I can’t wait to see more spotting topics. 😃
Dunkin’ is delicious! that’s probably the best coincidence I’ve ever heard of recently.

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