AUGUST 24th | Amazing Aspen Flyout!

Amazing Aspen Flyout!

Welcome to Aspen!

Aspen is best known around the globe for its world class skiing. From November to March, the slopes of the Rockies surrounding Aspen are covered in pristine snow. Skiers flock from across the world to get a chance to explore the slopes.

During the Summertime, the mountains are covered in lush forests and prairies, making for perfect hiking conditions, if you’re willing to brave the altitude of nearly 9,000’. Outdoor recreation in the surrounding White River National Forest serves as a summertime counterpart to the city’s four ski areas. Prime residential real estate in Aspen is the most expensive of any ski resort in the world on a per-square-foot basis, according to a study of 44 global ski resorts. Aspen is the world’s second-highest-rated ski resort in terms of “the quality and reliability of their conditions and their capacity to withstand climate change.”

Aspen dates back to 1889, when it was incorporated as a mining town. It was a far cry from the land of luxurious restaurants and designer stores it is today. It wasn’t until the 1940s that the town was discovered as a skier’s paradise.

Today, Aspen is an incredibly expensive town. The median price of a single family home is about 2 million dollars, with some mansions running as high as $108 million, which is a 11 bedroom ski in mansion owned by casino billionaire Steve Wynn. Downtown Aspen’s streets are lined with Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga. Some of the biggest names in fashion, business, and entertainment can be found wandering about here, including Jeff Bezos, Will Smith, Leo DiCaprio, and even Rihanna.

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport

Aspen’s Pitkin County Airport (ASE/KASE) is known amongst the aviation community as being quite a challenging approach. The runway is hemmed in by mountains and requires a winding, often windy approach through a valley to land. The weather in this part of Colorado is often extremely volatile, and it’s not uncommon to see diversions. ASE is a one way in, one way out airport, with traffic departing Runway 33 and arriving on 15. This requires some expert traffic management by the controllers to ensure proper separation.

The airport started out as a private gravel airstrip opened on the Stapleton ranch in 1946, promoted by Walter Paepcke and John Spachner. The airstrip was open to the public, but was mostly used by the aviation department of the Aspen Institute, the precursor of Aspen Airways.The Pitkin County government gained control of the gravel airstrip in the 1956, and began a project to pave the runway. County commissioner Tom Sardy headed the project, and the airport was renamed Sardy Field in his honor in 1958.

ASE is a haven for the ultra wealthy, and thus their private jets. There’s about 4x more private jet operations at Aspen than there are commercial.

Event Details

Date: Saturday, August 24th, 2024
Spawn Time: 2024-08-24T16:45:00Z
Pushback Time: 2024-08-24T17:00:00Z

Denver Center:

Thank you @United403 for the gates!

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 United Express Los Angeles CRJ7 @AviatorVJ
2 United Express San Francisco CRJ7 @Bay_Area_Aviation
3 United Express Houston CRJ7
4 Delta Connection Atlanta CRJ7 @deltaoutofdca
5 United Express Denver CRJ7 @Aviation_Alex
6 Delta Connection Atlanta CRJ7 @Prestoni
7 American Eagle Phoenix CRJ7 @Mort
8 American Eagle Austin CRJ7 @Oklahoma1

GA Ramp
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
M45 NetJets Jackson Hole CL35 @United403
M46 JM Aviation Henderson Executive CL35 @NVAviator
M47 NetJets Teterboro CL35
M48 NetJets Portland Hillsboro CL35
M49 NetJets Van Nuys CL35 @TRDubh
50 Charcoal Eagle County TBM9
51 ExecuJet Driggs CL35
52 Charcoal Rocky Mountain TBM9
53 Maroon Steamboat Springs TBM9
54 ExecuJet Monterey CA CL35
55 ExecuJet Seattle/Boeing Field CL35
56 VistaJet Puerto Vallarta CL35
57 ExecuJet Key West CL35
58 VistaJet Vancouver CL35 @mangoflies
59 NetJets Miami Executive CL35
60 VistaJet Chicago Midway CL35
61 VistaJet New Orleans CL35

If you would like a different route (GA or commercial), you may request one.

Aspen has one runway

8,006 feet (2,440 meters)
All departures are off of Runway 33

  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • Listen to ATC at all times
  • If ATC is not active, use UNICOM properly
  • Be respectful of fellow pilots


Probably my last IFC flyout for a little while because my collage semester starts 2 days after this


Glad to have the honor to be your last 🫡

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Can I please have gate 5 Mort. Thank you.

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Signed up.

This group of aviators always makes some of the best event.

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Thank you!

Gate 6 plzzzz

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Sir yes sir.

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Could I have this please but I may have to cancel because I might be going to Dublin but I’m not sure when 😂. It may be the week before if so I can make it then. I remember there’s a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode when they go to Aspen so this would be like a return journey for Will Smith and co back to Bel Air.

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Could I take a JM aviation CL35 to Henderson Executive?

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Gate 8 please, but could I change it to AUS?

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lol, have a fun time in Ireland

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@NvAviator @Oklahoma1 @AviatorVJ all signed up!


n e e d (10)

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Bump for Aspen!

Looks so so fun, but I can’t come.

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Can I get this guy?

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Bump for Aspen!