August 2016 Update now available on iOS and Android

It could possibly be the floating point bug.

I think so

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How much are the 787 s

Easy dude…got the update? Come let’s fly.

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Great update . And the 787 flies really nice.
One request and one suugestion:

For some of the liveries the airline callsign isnt available…e.g. OmanAir. Could you add that please?


Since you developed the flying characteristics for each plane in the SIM, i am sure you used performance tables, vref charts, etc. could you make them available for the pilots community? Specially v speeds for takoff and vref for landing with the different flap settings would really be of great help and would allow us to fly with high realism.

Thank you the dev team of IF. Super job!



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Thanks for the hard work of the update, is AWESOME!!

Once I get home I will update it. I can’t wait to put my hands on the 787 :)

YES! We’ve got El Al livery on two planes now, this is great.

Now we just need Israel as a location.

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I want to thank all of the devs for this update. It is AWESOME!

Thank you FDS for this amazing update :)

The cockpit and wing flex are truly amazing devs! Couldn’t be happier with the leaps and bounds IF is taking in details! Now if only the callsign list could be fixed ;)

Also should the callsign for 787s be affixed with Heavy, or not?

Thanks a lot… Lovely update… When are you going to add airports of Arabian Gulf region?

Yes… It is of the same class 767

How can I use the new function “Free camera”?

dang it cost money for the -9

How much is it

$4.99 USD across the board.

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