August 2016 Update now available on iOS and Android

Thank you Philippe, Laura, Jarno, Val and all the other devs that had a hand in this update! You’re the best developers out there and you truly listen to your community and customers! I, and the rest of the community are thankful for your hard work and dedication that you bring to this sim! Your work is inspiring young children, teens, adults, and seniors that are aviation enthusiast. You are motivating pilots and future aviators, and are bringing the gift of aviation to those that cannot pursue that dream!

For that we thank you!


Oh :(

  • Thank you very much for checking!

It allows me to download the planes but I have Live +

Live plus you da real mvp also Laura and Phillipe

I have a live but I can’t purchase omg fixed plz

The only day my wifi is extremely fast! Thanks devs!

So, how’s that new 787 treating you guys?

downloading m8

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I’m downloading everything right now!

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ill send pics

No, really? Oh, I see…

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It have a pb I can’t purchase me and other the must fixe the pb

That sucks, oh well, the Devs will fix it soon!

@philippe alreasy said theyre working on it

Of course I’m not home right now lol. Will update ASAP.

I hope so the will dude

Completely off-topic, but what’d you guys think of the Opening of the Olympic Games?

I have to go to sleep early my people cause i have a flight early tommorow when i land ill get some pictures for yuo guys

If you know it’s offtopic yourself there’s no need to give a reply

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