August 2016 Update now available on iOS and Android

Dayumn, you got a lot of aircraft there in your hangar xD

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Great update guys, but I found one small problem: the KLM Livery for the Boeing 772ER is gone. So my question is now: ‘Was this done on purpose because the 773ER got it?’

You can check in the App Store, if using IOS

Yeah, that’s what I’m waiting for dude

I’m having a lot of crashing lately on my iPhone 5s. Didn’t happen before the update. Maby some bug with the memory?

I got that problem as well all I did was just restart the app or wait 5-25 minutes it work

I would have settled for taxiway lighting and signage!😆

Had so much fun with the update so far an I can’t stop flying with the 787. Also the wing flex is beautiful and the new free camera is so much fun. This is defiantly the best update so far :P

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Flying twice I have gotten this screen where everything is garbled.
Running Samsung galaxy Tab S10 4.4.2 1st time flying Atlas 747-4 @ kcos 2nd time flying American 787-8 @ ktpa.
Had to reboot device to fix.

The 787 is so beautiful, I love this new update! 😎
Just had a nice little round in Brussels, pretty busy there. Thanks for the tower work @ChrizZz, good job 👍🏼


I experienced some kind of bug @philippe, I could not see all thw traffic on my map in cockpit view. Some aircraft where only visible after moving the position of the map manually. Please see below two screenshots, which were taken a few seconds after each other showing this effect:


Device Info: iPad Pro, latest iOS version, all settings max 😎

@DirkGiessmann Well, what do you know. I’m the KLM 77W in the back. Saw all the 787s parked there. New 777 physics are awesome. I’ll need to try APPR next time!

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Also, @philippe, does this mean all 77s, 787s and Cessna Citation Xs have ground effect?

The mini-map is designed for you not to see all the traffic, not a bug ;)

Nice Job Guys, what a difference thank you for all the effort.

Yes. They have it.

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It is a bug! Look carefully at the two pictures above please. Only take consider the area between EBSF and Brussels, which is shown on both pictures. There are about 7 inbound aircraft on the second pic, whilst only one is on the first one. See?



Are there new speed restrictions?

Philips could I work for Infinite Flight for free? Because I’m working on my own project right now of designing an A350 that may or could be used in Infinite Flight.

Those smaller (Big) details make the difference, the speed limit, the terrain warning improovment, the behavior of the planes… Great work, 5 stars!