August 2016 Update now available on iOS and Android

Hope this helps :))

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off the hook!

Haha same here lol

Touché 2 time the camera after mouve the left , up and down

So they didn’t release global flight. Did we do away with the global idea?

Lol of course not. It’s just didn’t come out in this update

Ah I see. Thanks!!

I wonder why there’s no KLM 777-200ER.

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Not in this update. Many, many, many more airports have to be redone by the airport editing team before it comes out.

Was it removed? I reminder there being on before

It disappeared.

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I just bought the 787-10, and I must say you guys have done an utterly fantastic job, and I am very impressed. I would however like to know if the wing flex feature could also be applied to the 777 family.

I really like it but some important liveries are really missing, for example:

I think I’m not the only one who’d appreciate a livery update


That is some nice wing flex you’ve got there!

I definitely would for example the TUi livery is in the B787-8 and the -9 I believe so it would be cool for the British airways livery or other ones to be in both aircaft for more variation and options as right now any American airline plane is the b787-9 I believe


How does one find what version they have installed?

Parabéns aos Desenvolvedores essa Atualização e Modificações ficou Sensacional, o Boeing 787 é bom de mais pra Controlar. Entre outros detalhes 👏


Android 6, Samsung S7 AT&T,

Theres some purple bar behind the landing gear and trim square and goes up and down depending on device angle

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