August 2016 Update now available on iOS and Android

Yes… It is of the same class 767

How can I use the new function “Free camera”?

dang it cost money for the -9

How much is it

$4.99 USD across the board.

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Hope this helps :))

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off the hook!

Haha same here lol

Touché 2 time the camera after mouve the left , up and down

So they didn’t release global flight. Did we do away with the global idea?

Lol of course not. It’s just didn’t come out in this update

Ah I see. Thanks!!

I wonder why there’s no KLM 777-200ER.

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Not in this update. Many, many, many more airports have to be redone by the airport editing team before it comes out.

Was it removed? I reminder there being on before

It disappeared.

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I just bought the 787-10, and I must say you guys have done an utterly fantastic job, and I am very impressed. I would however like to know if the wing flex feature could also be applied to the 777 family.

I really like it but some important liveries are really missing, for example:

I think I’m not the only one who’d appreciate a livery update


That is some nice wing flex you’ve got there!