August 2015 update is now live on iOS

Despite a few visual glitches that were reported by our android users (mainly related to aircraft lights in some situations), we still decided to push the same update to iOS users to avoid having to wait another week or 2 for us to fix the issues and Apple to re-approve a new update.

As usual it might take a few hours for everyone to get the update so be patient.

If you find an issue and can reproduce it consistently, please report it in the bugs category (make sure to read the guidelines for what to include in your bug report). For any other support related question, use the support category. If you still can’t find help, send us an email at

If you want to send us love and want more updates for Infinite Flight, give us a nice review on your respective app store: our hard working developer team love to see those :)


Good news! Iv just purchased a year subscription of live, so looking forward to trying new planes! Pretty new to live and really enjoying it so far hoping to meet a few people who can point me in the right direction on ATC as I enjoy doing both!

Happy flying!



Great to hear!! Thanks so much ☺☻

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Great ,
Thanks Dev’s. Still looking nothing yet tho.

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Thanks for letting us know! :)

21:05 CEST — I’ve got it!

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Good news, thanks devs.

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I don’t see him

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It’s rolled out for me!! :)

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Got it now :)

I Will look

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Yes for me also

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Thank you!

I feel like Charlie Brown I haven’t gotten it. Guess it will be though soon 😀.

Edit: Never mind. Downloading it now as I type!

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Keep up the great work guys!


yup looks good

Great update lol. Lol

Please avoid necroposting - the act of bumping a topic that is really old, in this case, a whole year. Thanks in advance. :)