August 19, 2014. KLM (PH-BGI) EGCC/MAN - EHAM/AMS. Part 2

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August 19, 2014. Part 2.

  • I have my old iPads camera in the right window on the plane.

My dad and we went to ride the plane for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-BGI) is a Boeing 737-700 named: Vink/Finch. My flight or KL1082 left at 11:09 am from 23R Runway, EGCC/MAN to landing on 18R Runway “Polderbaan”, EHAM/AMS arrive at 1:04 pm took 47 minutes. The altitude 35,010 ft/ 10,671 m level.

  1. My flight KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-BGI) Boeing 737-700 named: Vink/Finch. Next side any gate American Airlines is old a Boeing 767-300ER with Winglets.

2. KLM (PH-BGI) Boeing 737-700.

3. American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER with Winglets.

4. Thomasfly Boeing 787-8 was takeoff from 23R Runway.

5. KLM Fleet book. Did you see these list MD-11 fleets? My flight flew the altitude high 35,010 ft level to AMS over the sea.

6. KLM Boeing 747-400’s on the parking.

7. Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A340-300 special OneWorld scheme.

8. KLM Asia Boeing 747-400 at the gate F Terminal, EHAM/AMS.

9. We went to these the gate E Terminal, EHAM/AMS.

10. KLM Boeing 777-300ER special SkyTeam scheme, but these no passengers the front pull the wheel to arrive at the gate.

Any questions?

Are you enjoying my pictures?

Thank you for watching!


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