August 19, 2014. Flybe (G-JEDP) special purple "Spirit of Belfast". EGPE/INV - EGCC/MAN. Part 1

August 19, 2014. Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom.

My dad and we went to first time stop at the airport Inverness Airport (EGPE/INV) it was a very small airport.

Why, we again came back to home in Seattle from Scotland, UK via Manchester, and Amsterdam.

  • I have my old iPad’s camera in the window on the airplane.

In the morning earlier, my flight 201 Flybe color is purple scheme special named “Spirit of Belfast” (G-JEDP) is a Bombardier Dash 8Q400 side note words “Faster than road or rail” when leaves at 6:45 am from Inverness (EGPE/INV) to Manchester (EGCC/MAN) arrive at 7:55 am took 1 hours.

  1. My flight 201 Flybe (G-JEDP) Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 named “Spirit of Belfast”. EGPE/INV Airport.

2. This isn’t my flight Easyjet Airus A319 leave to go to Birmingham, England, UK.

3. Flybe the left side, note words “Faster than road or rail”. Before we to go to takeoff from 23 Runway, EGPE/INV.

4. It was so beautiful the sunrise.

5. It is so beautiful the town in England, UK.

6. It was so beautiful the village in England, UK.

7. Near landing on 23R Runway at Manchester Airport (EGCC/MAN), Manchester, England, UK.

8. I got my drink hot Mocha (star) 24 oz at the EGCC/MAN Airport.

9. US Airways Airbus A330-200 was landing at the EGCC/MAN Airport.

Any questions?

You are enjoying my pictures.

Thank you for watching!


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