August 19, 2014. Delta Air Lines (N801NW) Airbus A330-300. DL152. EHAM/AMS -KSEA/SEA

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The Gate E19, EHAM/AMS.

  • I have my old iPad 4 cameras on the left window.

My dad and we went to ride the plane for Delta Air Lines registration (N801NW) is an Airbus A330-300 and we come back home the flew leave at 3:22 pm from EHAM/AMS haul to KSEA/SEA arrive at 4:10 pm over the Greenland took 9h 47m last on August 19, 2014. I was in senior grade before going to school this month in September 2014, the first day of school for 7 half years ago. I had the first time riding the big plane, an Airbus A330-300 (N801NW) with Delta a very long time ago for the true story of my memory.

  1. China Airlines Airbus A340-300 was landing on 36R Runway “Aalsmeerbaan” from RCTP/TPE, Taipei, Taiwan.

2. Transavia Boeing 737-800 was landing on 27 Runway “Buitenveldertbaan” arrive at EHAM/AMS.

3. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-800 was landing on 27 Runway “Buitenveldertbaan” arrive at EHAM/AMS.

4. KLM “Asia” Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-EFP) Boeing 747-400M named: City of Paramaribo/Paramaribo. Next takeoff from 24 Runway “Kaagbaan”, EHAM/AMS.

5. Miami Air International Boeing 737-800 was landing on 27 Runway “Buitenveldertbaan”.

6. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-BQO)? Boeing 777-200ER named: “Old Rauma” was arrived at EHAM/AMS.

7. Behind back the line KLM Boeing 737, and anyone Airbus A330, next takeoff 24 Runway “Kaagbaan”.

8. Tunu, Greenland ← I am not sure about locating over Greenland the center frozen.

9. Tunu, Greenland. The frozen.

10. We were the last landing on 16C Runway and back tail, brake airport right on the runway it was a crosswind. We went to the arrive at the gate S7. The side Alaska Airlines sister with Horizon Air (N412QX) Bombardier Dash 8Q400 - old livery retro. Delta Air Lines Airbus A320.

Any questions?

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Wow looked like you had a nice flight! What was your cruise altitude?

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Yes, thank you! I think it was about 36,000 ft level.

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Very nice pictures! I love seeing your topics of old aviation, reminds me of the past in Seattle!
Thanks for sharing!

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My pleasure!

runs out of likes at this instant

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Lol yes, thank you 😉!

I love the picture of the Q400!

I actually just got off that exact Q400 you have in your picture not less than 2 hours ago!

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Thanks. Oh, I see interested in and haven’t heard that’s. Thanks.

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Nice look back at the (not too distant) past.

Sheesh, that’s a long way for a 737…


Thanks! Yes, it is.

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Hey I did this flight last summer in one of their new a339neos!

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👍🏽. Very nice. I’m have never been to ride the new plane is an Airbus A330neo yet.

I have my old video and also put the download on my YouTube. Also, my flight was the same on the date scheduled last on August 19, 2014.

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