August 10, 2022. Delta Airbus A350 ZSPD/PVG - KSEA/SEA - PHNL/HNL. Total of 16h 8m

August 10, 2022.

Delta Air Lines (N502DN) Airbus A350-900.
Flight route: ZSPD/PVG - KSEA/SEA ← 11h 06m; 45% fuel - PHNL/HNL ← 5h 2m; 77% fuel.
Flight time: total of 16h 8m.
Speed: 0.86 Mach.
XP: 10,088 miles.

  1. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD/PVG). Next takeoff from 34L Runway.

  1. East China Sea.

  1. Kitakatamachimimichi - Nobeoka, Japan.

  1. North Pacific Ocean. It was so beautiful the sunrise.

  1. Rainier, Washington. That moment when I hold on it made a mistake level the head to the right go around need to lower down then and again come back to Landing on 34R Runway, KSEA/SEA. Hi, Mt. Rainier!

  1. South Satellite Terminal, SeaTac Airport (KSEA/SEA).

  1. Before Takeoff from 34R Runway, KSEA/SEA. Judkins Park, Seattle, Washington.

  1. Oahu, Hawaii.

  1. Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. Landing on 8L Runway, PHNL/HNL.

  1. Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL/HNL). Hi @Alexander_Mendoza Thank you for coming at the gate in Hawaii!

Thank you for watching! Have a great day the game on IF! I always enjoy in time, relax next month I will again on the game for the picture posted at IFC soon.


You can try OMDB-KIAH which is Dubai to Houston within 16hours it’s gonna be fantastic experience over the Atlantic Ocean. You can take the 772lr as Emirates(the aircrafts your wish).


Anyways these pictures were very nice

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  1. Well, I am so sometimes when I plan the schedule for work and classes this quarter. I got my smartphone app IF it is just too for a very long month and work conflict. Unfortunately. From the patient is important. I will copy it notes. Thanks

  2. Yes, thank you!

Your welcome, hoping to see you pictures on your flight.

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4th picture looks nice

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Hi, welcome. Thank you, yes sir!

Hey, I am inquiring about you about it the game in IF for Emirates just want to know the thing the traffic long haul away if they can enter to accept or just avoid traffic from Russia. What did you say?

I don’t get it what you are trying to say

Can you please PM me about it,