Augmented Reality (AR) Camera View

An AR Camera View would be amazing especially inside of the cockpit from the Captain / First Officers perspective.

What does everyone thing about this? There is so much support for this in the new iPhones and iOS 11 but I can’t claim to know whether Android or their phones are ready for this too?

This would mean a 360 Panoramic view of a cockpit for example as you move your phone. Giving the impression of the cockpit being in the room.

Might be a dumb question, but what does AR stand for?


Yeah what does it mean?

Augmented Reality is what it stands for


That makes no sense though. How would that be used in IF?


Your going to have to add a lot more infromation to get my vote. Thanks!


I have added a bit more info does that cover it?

But, you need to control the plane too. Why not just have VR…

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its just an idea to boost realism.

It sounds like a lot of coding and time for something that is more “eye candy” than it is “game-changing” not worth a vote for me. Sorry!


Don’t you have to move your phone to fly the plane? Maybe you should have it so you can lock the view when you takeoff and land and unlock it at cruise.

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Great request although I don’t really think it is needed at the moment. Unless AR is implemented into IF more. Maybe you should vote for your own request?

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So as soon as you pitch up or down, you can’t see where you’re going?

Augmented Reality means that you put game features in the real world. So you can have your aircraft flying over the real world scenery!